Financial Industry

Our competencies for the asset management and banking sector include:
  • financial risk management services: risk/reward analysis, performance measurement and performance attribution, quantitative modeling, robustness check, and model validation.
  • front, middle, and back office integration.
  • assessment of efficiency in terms of innovation and execution of processes and people management.
  • in-depth analysis of your organizational and team capabilities to assess your real company’s stretch-capability.

Public sector

HUB aims to collaborate both with government and private organizations to develop innovative urban clusters, which improve quality of life by implementing an urban HUB of improved efficiency and higher social and environmental quality. We help public authorities to create innovative urban areas, engaging private companies, incubators and visionnaire entrepreneurs. By creating innovative urban HUB, suburban areas can be transformed into strategic clusters, fueling economic dynamism and cultural interaction and creating an environment where innovation, sustainability and disruptive technology coexist with research centers and where housing, facilities and green areas benefit from a unique ecological infrastructure.

Real Estate industry

We’ve been collaborating with organizations to create specific action strategies and winning ideas. We have an extensive experience with supporting property managers and RE agencies by providing:
  • E-commerce guidelines
  • Marketing & communication, including special events
  • Access to our network of interior designers
  • Consultancy services for special projects

Tourism & Hospitality industry

We are specialized in helping the companies to set up representative offices abroad, or simply to outsource P.R. and sales representatives. We can provide temporary management for strategic planning and innovation, revenue management and E-commerce.